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Hello there :)19. Caffeine-addict. Procrastinator. Cat Lady. Requests welcome. ^^Next Update: Undetermined

→ Anonymous whispered : are you okay? we are a little worried. there is no rush to update, but we do miss you! ^^ <3 love you~

hello there! i know i keep going MIA :c for that i’m sorry guys, but school is really tough lemme tell ya. anyways, i do plan on finishing disturbance… least by the end of 2014 ah aha ha….

but i’m okay, thank you for asking!! no need to be worried about scatter brained me :P

→ Anonymous whispered : Pst. Disturbance Part 2. All of us needs it in our lives.

pssst it’s half finished in my drafts. eh he he i’m actually not sure how many parts there will be, but the next part is my next update because i am heavily biased towards it oops. 

anyways, thank you for your patience!! 

→ Anonymous whispered : When are you gonna update?

ahah ha it’s been a while i know! i am seriously aiming to update within a week though.

→ Anonymous whispered : Where did you disappear to??????

Moving sucks omfg and I’ve had 0 motivation to do things send help

→ Anonymous whispered : Hai ! Love your stories but when you gonna update (o.o)

Hi sweetheart! Omg I’m sorry for neglecting this blog again. I’m aiming for an update sometime this week. Thanks for reading! <3

→ Anonymous whispered : are you going to write another part for disturbance?

Of course! Don’t worry, I would never just leave it like that. I’ll let you guys know when it’s the final part. ^^

→ Anonymous whispered : Hi there! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your Disturbance scenario, my heart started beating sooo fast when you updated again!! I have a question though- why would she feel guilty after asking Taemin if he slept with BoA? It seems reasonable enough after the way he had been acting and him not coming home. The other members seem to sense that something is off too. Just was curious! Please keep updating, you have me on pins and needles haha! :)

Hello, lovely! Thank you so much haha I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m actually quite invested in this one. 

To answer your question, most of her guilt comes from Taemin’s reaction. It kinda makes her realize that she’s supposed to trust him and not this ‘situation’ she’s made up in her head. Because even though in her head it’s the logical conclusion that they must have slept together, she never planned on accusing him outright. 

I hope that sort of answers your question at least. I’m not the best with explanations. :P Anyways, thank you for reading! <3

*Life is getting hectic again. I wanted to post three scenarios today but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. SO instead, there’s going to be an update tomorrow and the day after that. All Taemin scenarios of course because it’s this little poop’s birthday. ^^

Taemin makes you realize you are indeed the jealous type.

Part One - Part Two


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*Sobs late update I’m sorry! I’m moving out of the house I’ve lived in my whole life and things are kinda hectic, but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you guys. <3

Jinki’s smitten with you at first sight. Too bad he spilled coffee all over your new top.

Part One - Part Two


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→ Anonymous whispered : Update... ;_;

About to post! ^^

→ Anonymous whispered : Ok :)

Thanks for being understanding! <3

→ Anonymous whispered : Where's the update? D:

Ahh I’m so sorry! I didn’t expect to get home so late yesterday. I’m just editing right now so there should be an update soon! 

→ Anonymous whispered : Ahhhhh update!! Please I'm dying!! Your Taemin scenario is too good!!!!!!! :D

An update is coming don’t worry. Hang in there! 

And thank you so much for reading it. <3 ^^

→ Anonymous whispered : I swear, Taemin better realize what he did >.< You said you needed to write something with angst in the description/Authors note... ;A; It's such a great story and I can't wait until the next part! <3

Oh don’t worry, Taemin’s not getting away with this :P

I’m glad you enjoyed it! The next part is in progress as we speak. <3